Stamp of the Week

Why write about stamps? Well, stamps have many qualities that make them worthy of your time. There are three qualities I find unique for one piece of printed material to have.

One, they measure on a monetary scale the effort it takes a system to move an object of a particular size and weight from one point to another. In a way it is physics expressed in dollars and cents. Secondly, They open your mind to new ideas and new knowledge, like the index of a great encyclopedia might do. These little perforated paper squares commemorate great people, monumental events, amazing places, or revolutionary inventions and discoveries; many you may know little about. Finally, you get all this in a small and interesting piece of artwork that is neat to look at.

2015 Bulgarian commemorative, Science and Technology Park. A nicely stylized illustration of the planets orbiting in the night sky. It is my understanding this issue has a circulation of twelve thousand stamps. A typical issue in the U.S. tops one hundred million stamps. However, the population of Bulgaria is nine million as compared to the population of the U.S. being three hundred and twenty nine million.

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