Stamp of The Week

This week we feature the 1972 U.S. Postal issue commemorating Cape Hatteras on the Atlantic coast of North Caroline .

This stamp is a mile stone in U.S.Postal Service stamp design. It is the first stamp that the image was not contained with in the bounds of the perforation. I recall that at the time it was issued, the postal service was concerned it would not sell because of the unique character. To hedge their bet on the stamp buying public, they printed half the usual number of sheets.

My dad, who I got involved in stamp collecting, knew the print run would be small. He purchased two hundred fifty sheets directly from the postal service in Washington D.C., thinking they would be more valuable then most commemorative issues.

Well, it was a big success so the Bureau of Engraving and Printing cranked up their Giori Press and did not stop until over ten million complete stamps were printed. The additional print run of designer Walter D. Richards’ beautiful beach scene set their value in line with most issues of the day.

My dad kept the stamps and now I have them. They are still in the original packing from the post office, which is a philatelic artifact in and of it self.

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