Incidental Art

Food is full of artistic beauty, and not just the big high priced moment; like the world class elegance in the plates from Chef Michel Guerard of France. The small moments that surround us everyday also have artistic beauty and in unexpected ways.

When I was making lunch today, I cut the crusty loaf of French bread and the light coming through the window made it look more like a dessert landscape than a slice of bread on a cutting board.

When I drizzled it with the olive oil and dropped a few capers the scene became more intimate.

After the first bite, I thought it could use a thin slice of rich Gruyere cheese and a sprinkle of cracked black pepper.

When I opened up the container and took the cheese out, I saw a neat pattern etched into the side of it. My wife had made a quiche with it, and that pattern was from running it against the hand grater. It reminded of a carved block of marble from the edifice of a Federal building or a Roman ruin on the Palatine Hill.

The smallest, simplest moments in cooking can be an adventure.

Also, this week I am adding a page dedicated to cooking. The best recipes, and wisdom from my thirty years of chefing.

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