Evening Star

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you may have noticed that big, bright planet in the western sky at sunset. When I stand on my front porch, I can see it over the darkening roofs of the houses across the street. Looking at it a few weeks ago, I was inspired to write a poem about that jewel of the night sky.


The Evening Star Prayer

Look here – the evening star!

The nightly traveler.

Shimmering blue diamond

Of the rising sky-crown.

Guide me over meadow’s green

Past the forest eves dreaming

In murmurs,

In wolf tones distant.

Lead my ancient ocean crossing

These fathoms folded of water restless.

Sail me past the rocky backs

Of the wave breakers roaring.

Down the coast lines

Of the night’s dark distance

Where brigands battle

And pearl divers descend.

Point me safely past

The might rivers pouring

Their melted glacial torrents

From once the land I came.

Only you can guide my way,

Your gleaming homeward heading,

To hearth warmed children dreaming

Their waiting mother sighing

With the spool of wool at knitting.

My battle-brothers’ falling

Has been avenged

In all my enemies’

Black hearts beating stilled.

No hulls heavy

With triumph-treasure taken

Can quail nor calm

My heart’s long yearning.

Now hurry me through

This slow homeward season.

Pour out your glow

Long and wide

Before my searching brow.

Shimmering blue shining take me

Fast as fleet for home!

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