Stamp of the Week

Here is a neat looking German issue from 2008.

Since the libraries in our city are closed, I have not been able to research it, other then what I found from dealers on Ebay. Unfortunately, that information is written in German, which I cannot read.

At first I was disappointment about not having the stats on this issue; how many were printed, are there known freaks and errors, who designed it and so on. But considering the stamp without any of that data, reminded me of why I started collecting as a kid.

Stamp collecting redirects your thinking. It opens up possibilities that take your mind to places far away from the desk you are sitting at. A stamp is a perforated, adhesive backed vacation. An adventure you can buy for a dollar or two and keep on a shelf in a stock book until you need it!

What starts this redirections is the intriguing design sensibility of the radio. I can’t help but regard it differently from other appliances or consumer electronics produced during the same era.

The lines are clean and precise; very modern. The controls are laid out in an orderly and linear fashion. The use of silver and black reinforces that sense of efficiency, it’s form follows function design There are no bells and whistles to create artificial demand.

This gets my mind searching for the origins of the artifact. I have to understand the design prospective, which seems so non-American, so unfamiliar to me. Who is this Dieter Rams, where is he from, what is his approach to industrial design, what else has he designed that I would appreciate ? There is so much to learn from this little piece of paper!

But it also builds vacation travel imagery. I just want to hop into a 1960’s VW beetle, and cruise down the Autobahn until I get to a picnic area. There I will have a beer and a sandwich with blond haired Hilda, as we look out on the Bavarian Alps and listen to Kraftwerk on Dieter’s radio.

This one defiantly presses the on button for my over active imagination!

Happy collecting !

For the deeper dig, see below.

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