The Mystery of Signorina Umbra Figura

To hear her tell it, she had a falling out with him.

She said they came to an agreement of sorts. She will spend half the year mostly down south and half the year mostly up north.

“He is intolerable, and I cannot be around him all the time.” Have you ever heard such a statement? I know him well. He is a bright fellow with a sunny disposition and is very dependable. What is not to like?

But every time I go walking around the city during the day, she makes me stand between them.

Those bright, sunny days can be tedious when she follows behind me or steps out in front of me. She gives me no room at all.

I thought she made an arrangement with him, but it looks like he made an arrangement with her. I don’t know what to believe.

It is annoying but what can I do? I can’t just go along without her.

Then you do agree, thank you.

But at night it is a different story. She runs with that mob of hers and is nowhere to be found.

Oh, occasionally she stops by when I am standing under the porch light for a little air on my way to bed. When I am out for an evening walk, yes, she will meet me under the light on the corner like a criminal would. Then she walks a few steps down the street and leaves without a goodbye!

Well, no use in complaining. She is mine, right?

I am glad you feel the same way about this.

Thank you for listening, Signor Confermo. You are a true friend; you listen to everything I say when we meet. I will come back here, and we will talk again.      

If you have figured out what is going on in this post you won’t need a hint. If you have not, look for two clues to solve it.

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