Stamp of the Week Addendum #4 – Help!

Writing these Stamp of the Week posts has motivated me to increase my philatelic knowledge. But until I have the deep reservoir needed to be considered a wise old man of stamps, I have to relay on the expertise of others.

If you have a minute can you help me out? Here is my situation.

As you can see, some of Jefferson’s image appears on the back side of the stamp.

What caused this to happen? Could this be considered a freak or an oddity?

I have searched for other examples of this but have found none.

If you have any knowledge on this topic please email me or post a comment.

As always, Happy Collecting !

2 thoughts on “Stamp of the Week Addendum #4 – Help!

  1. I guess this is a kind of “Abklatsch” issue on your stamps. This is a German term for an inverted printing of a postage stamp image on the back of a sheet of paper on which postage stamps were originally printed in the normal position; this defect occurs when the typewriter is empty (no paper) and the postage stamp image is printed on the paper roll. We use the German term in Romanian philately, so I don’t know for sure what’s the English term for “Abklatsch”. Best regards, Catalin


    1. Catalin,
      Thanks so much for your comments.
      That make perfect sense – in German or English. If I find more information on this, i will post it.
      Happy collecting!


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