Cub Scouts

When my son was in the cub scouts they had to visit the local police station to earn a badge.

The information officer gave them a tour, which included the line-up room where witnesses and victims picked out criminal suspects. He explained to the scouts that the person doing the picking could not be seen by the suspects.

Most of the scouts seemed to be confused by this concept. The information officer asked the scouts if they would like to stand in the line up so they could see what he just explained.

Excitedly, they all said yes.

Then he asked the nearest dad if he would lead them in, while the officer stepped to the microphone and talked to the kids on the other side of the one-way glass window.

With a chuckle the officer said, “This is the most popular photo op of the tour. Get out your phones dads.”

The dad who lead the scouts into the line-up room declined the offer because his battery was low. But he stood by the scouts, ready to lead them back out of the room.

His decision made for an interesting photo.

‘Undercover sting operation finally nabs Girl Scout cookie thieves!”

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