Fund Raising

Last week the City of Chicago issued my daughter a parking situation in the amount of $50.

That hurts when you are working a summer job to help pay for university.

As mad as my daughter was about it, she saw it as an opportunity to use her creativity. She was going to pay the parking ticket, but not with money she already saved. She decided to do extra work to finance her vehicular misfortune.

Being artistically inclined she posted the following on her face book page – Have a fun water color portrait done of yourself for just $5!

Evidently, she found a willing market. In a few days she received over 12 request for portraits.

She let me take a photo of her works in progress.

Rebecca also does ‘serious’ paintings and has sold a few of them as well. This talent for painting, and marketing her work, was passed down from her maternal grandfather Frank Gerardo. He was an excellent artist too. Below is one of his portraits.

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