Fund Raising – Part 2

My daughter Rebecca loves to create and painting is her primary means of expressing that. Lately, she had been selling some of her work – but not just to pay off a parking ticket! Her latest ‘commission’ was for her friend Hannah.

Hanna wanted a painting to hang up in her dorm room. She texted Rebecca an image of a poster she saw on line and asked if she would paint something similar. It was an image of wild flowers which reminded her of the flowers she knew from Wisconsin. Hanna was born there, has family there and visits often. Now she is going to school there.

Rebecca liked the image of the flowers. She suggested painting a picture that identified the common wild flowers of Wisconsin. Since she had been painting small portraits in water color, now refereed to as the parking ticket series, she continued with that same technique.

When Native Flowers of Wisconsin was finish Hanna and Rebecca were both pleased with the final product. I thought it was neat that she did this for her best friend. It is a symbol of their friendship as well as a beautiful water color painting.

If we could have a little of this relationship mixed into everything we do for others, no matter how simple or difficult the task, the world would be a much different place.

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