Post Cards from the Archipelago

Smart phones are truly amazing. They put the world in your hand, something that was not even dreamed of when I was a kid growing up in the city of Yonkers. Back then transistor radios, stereos with high fidelity sound and console television sets with colored tubes were the consumer wonders of the day.

But despite all the cutting edge communication tech, libraries, endless venues for entertainment and retail opportunities too numerous to fathom, I enjoy the camera the most.

I have a visual pencil and sketch book where ever I go and a gallery in every country of the world to show the images.

The first four images are from around the house, the next one from down the end of my street during a rain shower and the last three are reflections in windows I had seen while out on my bicycle.

I hope you enjoy these small moments and find them as interesting as I did when I saw them.

(Click onto an images and scroll through them.)

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