Saturday Morning Ride

My Saturday morning bike rides are like trips to the art museum. They are short visits to the Precisionist wing that holds the hard-edged, industrial landscapes; the paintings that celebrate commercial products being manufactured and repaired, transported and warehoused.

There, I am surrounded by some of my favorite images; the busy mechanic’s garages off of Main Street

and the old brick factories and their rusting, weed filled rail-yards down by the river

Some of these images are composed of simple geometric forms that are limited in color. The larger than life scale of these forms can be imposing, but arranged together they create a minimalist esthetic that I find calming to view.

Others have a peculiar and unintentional beauty. A busy complexity, developed over time, that creates visual interest and stimulating viewing.

The images to discover on a Saturday morning ride are endless. Each time I venture out I find a new one to photograph.

When I find more I will share them with you.

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