Election Day

When I started this website I said I would not write about politics. I wanted this to be a place to escape the daily grind. A digital space for visitors to enjoy and take a piece of that enjoyment with them when they left. However, with so many groups working to thoroughly transform, our government, culture and economy for the worse, I have to make an acceptation.

My aim is not to convince you to vote for one party over another, or one candidate over another. My aim is to convince you to do two things before you vote.

Read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Then read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

Read them for yourself, not someone else’s interpretation of them. Read each one in it’s entirety, several times if need be. They are very important.

Our country was founded on these documents. They contain political wisdom that transcends the ages. The truths these men wrote of are as profound and relevant now as they were in the 1700’s. They must be understood, cherished and defended, now more then ever.

Wisdom and truth never goes out of fashion, never becomes obsolete.

The truths here are very simple. 1) Each human life is sacred and must be treated with respect. 2) The power to rule is a corrupting force that must be limited in it’s reach and used with discretion.

To embrace these truths, and put them into action, is to live free and prosper.

Thomas Paine rightly believed that power should never be concentrated in the hands of the government, or any institution or individual for that matter, because it leads to the abuse of human life. The higher the concentration of power the greater the opportunity for the abuse of the individual.

The Declaration of Independence gives specific examples of the abuses that arise from the concentration of political power and why they should be viewed as injurious to the individual. This document affirms that we have rights and they are inherent in every person. They are not given by the government, but by ‘nature and nature’s god’. Therefore, they cannot be taken away by the government but must be defended by it.

The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, gives instructions on how these inalienable rights can be protected through the structure of our federal governmental and it’s basic operation and obligations to the citizens.

In essences, these two documents allow every citizen to live his or her life in the United States without the undo interference of the federal government, the destructive actions of foreign powers, or anarchist groups from outside or within the county’s borders.

This political system put in place by the founding fathers is not perfect. No political system is perfect. However, some are better then others. The system that these brave and brilliant men risked their lives to set down is far greater and freer then any that has come before it. It has given more freedom to more people then any other in the history of the world. The civil war, fought to abolish slavery, and the four year struggle to defeat the Axis powers and free the world from their totalitarian grip of evil is proof of that fact.

There is no reason to be ashamed of this magnificent country but every reason to celebrate it.

The present struggle by many groups and organizations to fundamentally transform the system, even tearing it down completely, will only lead to tyranny for all but a chosen few. If you believe in liberty, equality, and prosperity, then the struggle is to support, defend and expand what the founders have created and established.

There is only one question to ask your self when you walk into the poling booth –

What candidate will further advance the principles embodied in the Deceleration of Independence and The United States Constitution?

God Bless America.

3 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. An excellent piece of advice on what to read before voting in this election.

    I’m Canadian but I’ve been watching with great concern what’s been happening south of the border.

    Reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense as well as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution is excellent advice on how to approach this election.

    Sadly I fear the way many millenials and Gen-Xers have been taught in our public schools and colleges, reading Thomas Paine, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution might come across as reading an ancient foreign language for them.

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    1. That is not too far from the truth. There are so many young people that are so quick to chase the shiny political objects that are thrown in front of them. If they appreciated what the founders achieved and left for us, they would know that all those shiny objects are worthless.
      Thanks for you comment.
      Stay strong !

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