Minestrone Soup

If I was cooking in Villa Santa Maria on a snowy night like this, Minestrone soup would be simmering on my stove. This is a photo of Villa Santa Maria, the town my grandfather lived in before he came to America in 1910 or so. He probably cooked this same soup there on a night like this.

Enrico gave this recipe to my mother and she handed it down to me when I was in cooking school back in 1982. When I opened my restaurant, Dominic’s in 1995, it went on the menu to honor my mother and my grandfather.

When my mom made this for us she often added cannelloni beans or ditalini pasta, sometimes not.

No matter, it was a family favorite and a favorite at Dominic’s too.

I hope you enjoy it.

Happy cooking!

1.75lbs Onion, Large dice

.5 lbs Celery, Large dice

.4 lbs Carrots, Large dice

1 lbs Green Cabbage, Julienne

1 oz Garlic, Chopped large

8 oz. Red Bell Peppers, Large dice

2 cups, Canned tomatoes, Peeled in juice, drained

8 strips, Bacon, Chopped

1 cup, White wine, Dry

4 oz, Tomato paste

10 oz, Olive oil

42 oz, Chicken Stock

.5 cups, Parsley, Chopped

.5 table spoon, Basil, dry

.5 table spoon, Rosemary, fresh, Chopped

Salt & Pepper To taste

  1. Chop the canned tomatoes.
  2. In large pot, on a high flame, brown the bacon and garlic in the olive oil. Stir frequently.
  3. Lower the flame to medium high and add all vegetables except cabbage. Saute until onions are translucent. Stir frequently.
  4. Add the stock and bring to a low boil then turn down the flame and keep on a simmer for about twenty minutes or until the vegetables are soft but still firm. Just a few bubbles breaking the surface of the soup is where you want it to be.
  5. Use a separate pan and lightly saute the cabbage in a small amount of olive oil. Mix frequently so it does not burn. When done, add it to the soup, before it boils.
  6. Add salt and black pepper to taste. If you want to make a lite meal of this, serve with a thick slice of toasted Italian bread.

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