Thoughts About The Mind, Change And God

Writing in my journal this morning, I realized that the first mystery we encounter is our own mind.

We use it continuously, study it at length, yet we know so little about how it works.

It is the greatest, unsolved mystery and it is what we are!

Neuroscience cannot be an easy field of study. The complexity of the brain is that of the entire universe, if it was residing in a space the size of a coconut.

What little I know of how the mind works is strange indeed.

Consider this; the universe makes countless stars and planets, black holes and nebula, based on it’s enormous, ever increasing scale. It is so large we will never know its’ limit.

But the mind creates a universe of infinite size within itself. Can we count the number of thoughts, memories and awareness we made, found and lost? We also do the same in the minds of others. Yet the brain is infinitely small in comparison to the universe, and never changes in scale.

The contradictory nature of the brain, and our relationship to it, led me to think that perhaps, contradiction is what the physical universe is based on.

If we did not have the contradiction of two forces working in opposition to one another, there may never be change in the universe.

If the the universe did not change then time would not exist, or the history of anything for that matter.

The universe needs some form, some level of contradiction.

So, is change the only constant in the universe?

It maybe, but to say that seems like a contradiction too.

What if at some time, past or future, the constancy of change has or will, itself change.

Would that have to happen to make true the statement that the only constant is change?

Which lead me to yet another thought; change is not the only constant, the nature of God, the God of Abraham, maybe the only true constant in the universe.

Consider the characteristics of God.

He is eternal in nature. He always existed, exists at this moment and will exist for eternity after this moment – simultaneously. He is pure existence.

He resides inside and outside of time as the prime mover, the being that created all that is.

The added bonus of being eternal, and the creator of all things, is that he has knowledge of all things and at all times in which they exist, have or will.

If this is the true nature of God, then change is not the only constant in the universe, God is.

Over time, all things change but God does not.

He is the unchanging thread that runs through the center of an ever changing universe of time and space.

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