Cold Shrimp al a Archipelago

Over the holiday, I made this little antipasto spread for a porch party we had. I had most of the usual suspects on the menu along with a carafe of Margarita mix and a bottle of Orvietto chilling in the ice bucket. However, instead of serving sliced pepperoni and soppressatta, I went with something different.Continue reading “Cold Shrimp al a Archipelago”

Two Blocks From Containment

My Aunt Florence lives two blocks from the containment zone of New Rochelle, NY. That was one of the first cities in America to be on total lock down due to COVID-19. From time to time, I call her to check in on her and the situation there. She told me early on that theContinue reading “Two Blocks From Containment”

Stamp of the Week Addendum #4 – Help!

Writing these Stamp of the Week posts has motivated me to increase my philatelic knowledge. But until I have the deep reservoir needed to be considered a wise old man of stamps, I have to relay on the expertise of others. If you have a minute can you help me out? Here is my situation.Continue reading “Stamp of the Week Addendum #4 – Help!”

First Mass back at St. Mark Parish

Our first mass at St. Mark Parish since March 8th. Monsignor Brownsey held it in the parking lot and we participated from our cars. We walked up to the white tent in the background for communion. That was done several cars at a time as we observed the social distancing rules given before we started.Continue reading “First Mass back at St. Mark Parish”

The Radio On The Top Of The Refrigerator

I started listening to the radio before I was in grade school. My mom had a small plastic AM radio clock that she put on top of our refrigerator. When she was on the phone in her bedroom, I would push a chair against the fridge, turn it on, and search through the stations. IContinue reading “The Radio On The Top Of The Refrigerator”

Stamp Of The Week

This week we feature the Traditional Christmas: Peace on Earth Christmas issue from 1974. It was designed by Don Hedin and Robert Geissman and printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The die cut printing method was used. This was the first stamp the U.S. Postal service issued that had a self adhesive backing.Continue reading “Stamp Of The Week”