Poem For A Chilly Evening

Another cold day on the Archipelago. The mercury barely creep into the fifties. The weather must be sheltering in place too, somewhere around the last week of march. This chill brought to mind the poems I had written about winter and autumn, back when poetry had occupied me as much as cooking. My mind settledContinue reading “Poem For A Chilly Evening”

Stamp of the Week Addendum #3 Binder 1978

This is a beautiful binder of first day covers issued in 1978. This binder is packed with European stamps commemorating historic land marks. All of the covers are from the Franklin Mint. Beautiful covers, beautiful stamps, beautiful post marks. I hope you enjoyed this philatelic moment from my collection. Happy Collecting !

Culinary Language Project

This is a post to officially announce the launch of my Culinary Language Project. The purpose of this is to create a pictogram based language to describe the flavor of food with out the use of words. Why a universal language to describe food? Writing menu descriptions has always been a challenge for me. WhenContinue reading “Culinary Language Project”