Thoughts About The Mind, Change And God

Writing in my journal this morning, I realized that the first mystery we encounter is our own mind. We use it continuously, study it at length, yet we know so little about how it works. It is the greatest, unsolved mystery and it is what we are! Neuroscience cannot be an easy field of study.Continue reading “Thoughts About The Mind, Change And God”

Notes on Coffee Before Sunrise

Crows calling in the deep blue/black, star filled dawn; invisible among the bare tree crowns and frosted roof tops. Restless, wrathful the dark id side of night’s sweet slumber. A drunken mob fleeing from what they have done searching for another. Fleeing above the here and there house lights, the glittering pearl sparkle in aContinue reading “Notes on Coffee Before Sunrise”

The Lessons of the Seasons

Winter has made the Archipelago a barren landscape of ice and snow. Gone is the smell of summer rain, the microbial magic in the dew covered soil of the garden and the floor of the woods. The carefree bird song and warm summer breezes no longer play like music in the leafy crowns of theContinue reading “The Lessons of the Seasons”