Stamp Of The Week

This week we feature the Traditional Christmas: Peace on Earth Christmas issue from 1974. It was designed by Don Hedin and Robert Geissman and printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The die cut printing method was used. This was the first stamp the U.S. Postal service issued that had a self adhesive backing.Continue reading “Stamp Of The Week”

Poem For A Winter Evening

Another cold day on the Archipelago. The mercury barely creep into the fifties. The weather must be sheltering in place too, somewhere around the last week of march. This chill brought to mind the poems I had written about winter and autumn, back when poetry had occupied me as much as cooking. My mind settledContinue reading “Poem For A Winter Evening”

My Lexicon of Flavors

All people that love to cook and love food seem to have one skill in common. The ability to define, retain and recall tastes and aromas that they have experienced. Over time this skill creates a personal compendium of flavor and aroma profiles. The information used by this process can come from the humblest ofContinue reading “My Lexicon of Flavors”