Eggplant Rollup

This past week I was filled with chefly energy and wound up cooking way more food then we could eat. It was piling up in the refrigerator. All the square plastic containers, with their red tops, made it look like a sea container port in there.

One dish I had a lot of was Ratatouille. I also had a large eggplant that did not get used.

Put the two together and you get Eggplant Roll-ups!

First thing I did was peel the eggplant, slice it thin the long way, and cook it on the charcoal grill. Brush with with olive oil and season lightly.

To make the filling I add ricotta cheese and a small amount of shredded Jarlsberg to the ratatouille; enough to hold it together. Season the mix with salt and pepper. Smoked Guda or Feta would be interesting too.

Each slice got a layer of the filling and rolled up.

When they went in the roasting pan I put several tablespoons of my home made tomato sauce under each one. Then I covered each one with a generous amount of the same. I sprinkled each with shredded mozzarella and baked at 365 until the cheese melted and they were hot inside. I did not cover them when they were baking.

If you want to cut down on the oven time you can heat the mix up in the microwave until it is warm.

The finished dish moments before I eat it!

Enjoy and don’t forget to say grace.

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