The Amazing Frank Leggio

I was talking to my Aunt Florence on the phone recently and the subject of her husband’s singing voice came up.

Since I was a kid the family was always impressed with his singing. They would talk about Frank’s voice like they would talk about Perry Como or Dean Martin’s voice.

However, I never heard him sing.

Some time in the 1980’s he sang a few songs at a family wedding but I was not able to attend.

When I told my aunt this she said an old recording of him singing Smile was posted on You Tube. She said is was not the best quality recording but it got the point across.

When I got off the phone I found that recording and listened to it.

I was amazed. I just never thought he had could sing that well!

My aunt also told me that Frank’s brother Carmen played the saxophone on that recording.

I was doubly impressed.

Now for your listening pleasure, Frank Leggio singing his rendition of Smile.

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